Name: Gruff (Dr Gareth Davies)

Vintage: 1970

Lives: London.


Physicist, tech entrepreneur, author.


Codex World's Top 50 Innovator 2019

BMWi EdTech Founder of the Year 2018


Passions: science | tech | languages | writing | dogs

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The scientific entrepreneur


Imperial College: The Enterprising Researcher Talk Series. How the scientific method can be the difference between making and losing millions.


Building an Enterprising Team


Imperial College: Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Programme.


AI - The Future of Education-


A light-hearted look at what A.I. is capable of today, and how machine intelligence will play an increasing role in our education, helping students globally to learn more effectively.

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Codex World's Top 50 Innovators 2019


"Educating Genius"

The limits of what’s possible: will future EdTech turn anyone – including you – into a genius?


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23rd September, 2019

Royal Society